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  1. Select the number of people (Pets not included).
  2. Select animation type (Shoulders up or full body). 
  3. Select background type.
  4. Upload your images.
  5. Add any additional notes (Describe clothing, jewelry, tattoos, etc.)

If there is any details that you would like us to add in please include them so we can make your art exactly how you imagine it. Any details not mentioned will be assumed by our artists.  


When will I receive my order?
You will receive your order within 7-12 days of placing it.

What do I do if I am not pleased with the way the portrait looks?
If you have any complaints we are more than happy to revise your order until you are 100% satisfied.

Does my dog count as a person?
Yes, your pet also counts as an additional person.

How many photos do I have to enter?
The more the merrier, however, you can enter one just make sure to explain exactly what you want.

Will I be charged for revisions?
If your revision is based off of something that is not included in your description then yes, however if it is a mistake made by our artists we are more than happy to do it free of charge. 

How many people can be in my portrait?
Our regular package is 1-5 people, however, we have a package for larger groups as well which can have as many as 10 people. 

How will I receive my portrait?
We email you the artwork you ordered & after that you can do as you please, you can print it, put it on a T-Shirt, mug, etc. 

We are professional artists who love creating unique, one of a kind, original portraits that you will instantly recognize and treasure forever. It's Simple! Just customize your package using the buttons above, upload your photo, leave us a note and leave the rest to us!

We only require you to upload one image but recommend uploading 4. The more images we have the more accurate our artist will draw you! Once you've finished choosing your product click on the 'Add to cart' button at the bottom of the page to continue checking out.